Why us

Built up on top of more than 20 years of experience, our research activities, have forged into a pragmatic process towards providing relevant research results in a timely and resourceful manner. Through the accompanying toolkits, we provide the means for easy implementation, evaluation and demonstration of novel features using comprehensive, realistic and intuitive testbeds. 
Being part of an applied research organization, our team stands for providing systematic technology advancements towards the specifics of the R&D market. In all our research steps we are following and adapting flexibly to the requirements of the market, as presented to us by our industry partners: network operators, equipment providers and standardization organizations. Our toolkits can be easily extended and customized, providing the necessary flexibility for our partners.
In order to be relevant towards the market and to provide at the same time cutting edge results, our research is kept close to the real operator environment and needs. Our testbeds are by themselves real infrastructures, where our partners can validate their ideas and solutions.
The Fraunhofer FOKUS experts are not only deeply involved in the new advancements and developments of the telco environment, but leading and setting the pace for technological innovation. By covering the entire technological spectrum, Fraunhofer Fokus maintains a complete perspective of the current and future networks and solutions.
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