OpenSDNCore represents the next evolutionary stage of realizing networking functionality by providing an extensive toolkit for network and application services enablement on top of data centers and high capacity networks.

The main components are: 

Open SDN Orchestrator

The Orchestrator provides ETSI MANO aligned management and orchestration for installation and runtime management of virtual networks and virtual network services. It provides the following functionalities:
  • Maintains information on services, topologies, resources, policies, infrastructure, …
  • Orchestrates end-to-end services
  • Executes runtime updates for elasticity, failure mitigation, etc.
  • Supports network functions placement
  • Integrates directly with OpenStack [API] and Amazon
  • Establishment of virtual networks
  • Provisioning of VMs
    • Based on different images
    • Across multiple data center
    • Management of components

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OpenSDNCore Switch

A software implementation of an extended OpenFlow 1.4 switch with specific telecom oriented extensions.
Main functionalities are:
  • OpenFlow 1.4 + GTP & GRE Tunneling Support
  • Asynchronous metrics (statistics)
  • Support for traffic shaping
  • Support for topology learnin
  • Implemented in C (Open5GCore/OpenEPC platform)

OpenSDNCore Controller

A software implementation of an OpenFlow 1.4 controller with JSON RPC northbound interface addressing telecom oriented extensions.
Main functionalities are:
  •     Management of the inter-data center networks
  •     Establishment of the SDN WANs
  •     Adaptation to network infrastructure changes
NGNI, OpenSDNCore, Singelweb, Controller, infographic
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