Robustness and High Availability

The following mechanisms are considered:
  • Infrastructure, Hypervisor and Cloud Control Reliability, comparing the Virtual Machines (VM) and virtual network with infrastructure resources management.
  • Orchestrator Reliability, for fault recovery and root cause analysis generic to the VNFs.
  • Virtual Network Function (VNF) Reliability in the VMs - OS functionality ensuring reliability transparent to the VNF functions
  • Reliability at Virtual Service Level – current explicit reliability mechanisms (pools, offloading, …)
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Fraunhofer FOKUS
For robustness on the virtualization enabler, the design of the appropriate forwarding nodes needs to support:
  • Load balancing (with the specific protocols/with different policies)
  • High availability operations, like distribution of state information and immediate reaction to faults.
  • Support for proxy nodes in edge cloud processing and with intermittent backhaul.