Performance, Quality and Consultancy with Benchmarking

The purpose is to provide a common ground for evaluating the virtualized solutions for Data centers for choosing the appropriate platform and for virtualization, for choosing the appropriate Virtual Network Functions.
Test scenarios are:
  • Classic scenario: PQR/server
  • Adding elasticity
  • Adding fault management/high availability

The following indicators are measured:

  • Performance end-to-end capacity
  • Quality: delay of procedures
  • Reliability: P&Q modifications
A practical targeted benchmarking can be provided, based on:
  •     Expected number of devices
  •     Service provided to end-users
  •     Network topology
  •     KPIs of the specific network
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Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fraunhofer additionally offers Network Consulting Services, like:

  • Consultancy for operators on which alternative is better to be implemented based on current network topology and on the forecasted usage.
  • Providing a first integrated view on SDN/NFV, integrating 3rd party components and evaluating the overall solution