OpenSDNCore Heterogeneous/Distributed Infrastructure

The OpenSDNCore underling infrastructure mirrors the essential features of a carrier-grade cloud service provider, including all the relevant elements: 
  •     Real radio networks integration through WiFi and LTE
  •     Large number of data centers including 3 OpenStack data centers and public cloud integration
  •     Realistic simplified inter-connection managed or un-managed network, enabling connectivity to the Internet
Two elements are in charge of the management of the infrastructure. The OpenSDNCore Orchestrator acts as a complete infrastructure manager for:
  •     Data centers - each may include their own Virtual Infrastructure Manager (e.g. OpenStack)
  •     Inter-data centers network – through the communication with an SDN network controller
  •     Inter-connection with physical boxes – added as static resources within the infrastructure
  •     Inter-connection with external systems – added as static logical entities
The SDN Network Controller manages the inter-data center networks, establishes the SDN WANs and adapts to network infrastructure changes.
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