OpenSDNCore – Research & Testbed for the carrier-grade NFV/SDN environment

OpenSDNCore is a practical implementation of the future network evolution paradigms, realizing Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) concepts, providing early prototyping of a service enablement platform on top of common infrastructure components.
Fraunhofer FOKUS OpenSDNCore is a “one step ahead of the pack" software toolkit enabling R&D in the fields of carrier-grade cloud based infrastructures. Specifically addressing telco market needs, including features for:
  • Management and Orchestration
  • Flexible inter-data center networking
  • Interaction with physical infrastructure
  • Robust virtual network support
  • Network functions placement
  • Service chaining
OpenSDNCore is a practical implementation of advanced features based on the following specifications and functionalities:
  • ETSI NFV MANO aligned Orchestrator integrated with OpenStack enabling the dynamic deployment and run-time management of virtual network functions
  • ONF OpenFlow 1.4 alligned Switch and Controller extended to support telecom specific features
  • A set of best practices virtual network functions and their afferent adaptors based on SDN components, Open5GCore and OpenIMSCore.

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Our customers

OpenSDNCore enables researchers and engineers from operator, vendor and academia, around the world, to understand and to perform practical experimentation and demonstrations on the new optimization and virtualization capabilities within a realistic running testbed environment.


Fraunhofer FOKUS is actively searching for partners requiring fast practical realization of novel concepts in the area of SDN and NFV as well as best practices in deployments of software network functions.
For licensing, research activities and any requests please contact us via the contact form on this website. SDN and NFV research activities and OpenSDNCore toolkit developments are supported by Fraunhofer FOKUS Competence Center NGNI and by the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) – AV research group. 

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